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The blog, mosselbaydirectory.co.za forms part of the Lalakoi Publishing Network which consists of about 30 different blogs, websites and social media platforms to promote businesses and tourism products online for the Garden Route of South Africa.

Lalakoi Publishing Network

Lalakoi Publishing Network

Lalakoi was established in May 2000 and our main aim was to provide the Garden Route with an affordable marketing platform for general and tourism businesses. We are glad to have succeeded in our goal over the past years. Lalakoi Publishing managed to establish itself as one of the major online marketing companies in the Garden Route.

Not only are we making a difference online, but our printed media is also growing from strength to strength. The Lalakoi Travel and Business Guide is printed once a year and is then distributed throughout the year in the Garden Route and adjacent areas. Our winter edition The Lalakoi Winter Pages is also growing fast. Advertisers realise that it is a good idea to market their businesses already during the winter holidays as many holidaymakers take our publications back to their home towns for future reference and to distribute among their friends.

For the December holidays we print The Lalakoi Holiday Pages. This edition is only available during the December holidays and boasts with Holiday Programs and activities during the December holidays. You will even find tide tables for several months in this holiday pages.
If you are interested in promoting your business on the Lalakoi Publishing Network please follow this link.

We can be contacted at:
Office: 044 695 1559
Cell: 072 107 4449
13 Kompanje Avenue